Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lucy meets Papa!

Mother's Day weekend we received some really good news......Lucy's paperwork was out of IBSER (the Haitian Social services), then we were told by our agency that Jeff and I  had to fly to Haiti rather quickly to sign Lucy's paperwork that would allow her to be an American citizen once she arrived in the USA, this again is a new procedure since the earthquake. So, one week tomorrow May 23rd, we will be flying to Haiti for a 4 day visit. This is going to be the first time that Jeff and Lucy have met! I am excited to see witness this occasion. I am excited to see Lucy and tell her that the "waiting" for all of us is nearly over!!! Once we arrive back to the US then we just wait patiently for the phone call that tells us that Jeff and I can fly back to bring Lucy home, this we hope will only be a matter of weeks.

This week is a week of trying to wrap things up, for our girls to be taken care of, the dogs, our house and all the other things that have to be done in order for us to leave. To be honest, I am nervous about leaving our girls, I know in my heart they will be fine and it's only 4 days, but it's still hard. I am packing all the things that I want to bring down to the Children at the Orphanage and other sweet people that I now have a friendship with. I am excited to see familiar faces that I have got to know in this little town of Leogane. This will be my 4th trip in the last year, a year that has changed me forever. I am looking forward to seeing little faces that I can kiss, hugs that will be given and received, laughter that will be shared, hot dusty days and equally hot nights, drinking "real" coke, seeing the beautiful blue ocean. and looking into the faces of people who are living a life that I will never know...........the list could go on. I am so happy to share Haiti with my husband and hopefully he will "see" what it is that has captured my heart forever.....our daughter, the people and the country of Haiti.

Jeff and I would so appreciate prayer as we travel next week. We are also travelling with two other couple that will be meeting there Children for the first time. Please pray for safety, physically and spiritually, sometimes the things our eyes may see are hard to grasp and our hearts become heavy. Prayers for our little ones we leave behind, that they will be protected and not be scared - I'm sure there little hearts will wonder about Mommy and Daddy?

I hope to blog a couple of entries while I am in Haiti, depending on a Internet connection? Thank you for all of you that continue to pray for our family and the journey we travel to bring Lucy home......we our truly so thankful  and blessed for the kind words and encouragement that we receive. There are days when it's been so hard, and at times weak and disappointing - those kinds words and prayers are what has kept us in the race to persevere and be strong for Lucy - to this we are grateful and humbled.