Friday, February 25, 2011

House hunting in Haiti!

Today it was back to reality after returning home from Haiti last night. Freezing cold temps and snow was here to greet me, oh, how I didn't miss this for a week! Haiti was hot days and cooler nights with the odd little mouse or huge spider to accomany us in our room at night - also these little mice had a feast in my suitcase eating through the instant mashed potatoes packets, tuna fish and the odd packets of food and treats to keep us going. I don't like Haiti for these little beasts, they always seem to make an apperance on my visits to Haiti..........but they don't stop me from going back!!!

This was such an enjoyable trip to visit Lucy, some other Orphanages, a few medical clinics and a beautiful ministry. that I support. I had the privilege of helping my sweet friend, Rhyan find a home for her new ministry that she is starting here this month. This ministry is to create a loving home environment for Children living with HIV in Leogane, Haiti. I believe she has found the perfect home! After looking at over 8 + homes and being driven around on the back of a Haitian motorcycle (which is an experience in itself! ) and after much prayers, considerations and processing Rhyan then came to a decision that this was the house if the price could be negotiated?................the following morning and after more phones calls a price was set and it was a done deal! I believe that this beautiful home will be the perfect location for the Children, Rhyan and people who come to visit or volunteer. It is in close walking distance to the main street, Clinics are close too, Orphanage's run by people she is familiar with and the friendships that have already been made will become closer due to the proximity of the home - all this is good! There is work to be done with the home to get it up and running but nothing that Rhyan and her contacts/friends can't do! The house will be secure with a large gate and wall that is being built before she moves in. Please consider helping and or partnering to help make this dream a reality for 6 -7 little Children living in Haiti. I was asked by Rhyan in January if I would consider being a board member for "Espwa Berlancia" to this I said "yes", I am excited to see this ministry grow and become all that it can be, to bring Hope to these Children that God will bring forth.

The "Welcome Mat" is out and the celebration is about to begin! ''Home is the nicest word there is,'' wrote Laura Ingalls Wilder. Home is where our favorite memories are. It's where we start from. So let's help fill these 7 rooms with life, love and laughter. Please consider a financial gift to bless this ministry and the Children that will live in this lovely home.

It all began with a dream. Somewhere in your mind's eye you begin to picture the perfect home, and that starts the magic.  From there many hands, hearts and minds will combine to help make the dream a reality. Someone helps you find a home. Different people help you finance it. Someone welcomes you to the neighborhood. And lots of friends will stop by to take the tour and share in the housewarming! This home is more than just walls and doors and screens on the windows - it's a place where you'll build dreams, plan futures and create many happy and loving memories for these blessed Children. "It's not the size of the house, but the love the dwells within." I know for sure that this home is a home where children will thrive.

Thank you Rhyan for the wonderful opportunity to be part of this ministry and journey that God has laid on your heart. It was a fun visit filled with happy memories that I hold dear to my heart ~ Thanks for showing me more of Haiti x

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